BE active 


quality sports support

Quality sports support products

EzyFit sports support products are designed to be comfortable to wear while helping you stay fit and be active.

flexible fitting

Made with flexible neoprene that moulds with your body, double stitched edges to avoid scratching your skin and make them fully adjustable to fit properly.

neoprene heat to enflamed areas

Effective heat therapy for joint pain relief and faster recovery so you can get fit and active quickly.

Simply wrap, pat and go!

Easy to use products that allow you to get out into your exercise routine with a minimum of effort.

  • Easy To Put On And Move
  • Easy To Wash And Wear
  • Easy Fit For Most Sizes
  • Easy Money Back Guarantee*
  • EzyFit - Simply Wrap, Pat And Go!

*Terms and Conditions Apply

ezyfit waist trimmer 

  • strong adjustable closure 
  • helps provide you with better posture
  • Comfortable Adjustable Fit
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Increase core temperature during workouts

ezyfit knee Brace

  • Dual stabilisers
  • fully adjustable closures
  • Non-slip silicone gel
  • Double stitched curved edges
  • Open patella, ensuring full movement
  • Effective heat therapy



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