November 22

A Knee Brace For A Knee In Need


Homeless people cover many miles every day in their quest for somewhere to sleep safely, so when Gary Graca, Co-director of the medical outreach team from Wolverine Street Medicine in Detroit Michigan reached out to EzyFit for help, providing some knee braces was the perfect charitable donation.

Mobility and eyesight are probably the two most important aspects of giving the homeless community a chance of recovering and venturing back to a sheltered existence.

Wolverine Street Medicine relies on donations to provide the free services it offers to people who are homeless. Donations go directly to purchasing medications, supplies, and necessities.Many of the patients these incredible medical volunteers see have knee pain from osteoarthritis related to their excessive walking and other medical comorbidities. Gary explained “we frequently receive requests for knee braces - ideally larger, adjustable size braces that are easy to get on and off - to help people manage their pain, but we are a small group and rely heavily on donations for the free medical care and supplies we offer.”

So Gary took a ‘long shot’ and reached out to the manufacturer of EzyFit Knee Braces because he had seen the benefit they delivered.“We've really liked the EzyFit knee braces and try to provide as many of these as we can afford on our limited budget (providing about 30 braces), but the need still exceeds our capacity”, he said.

EzyFit has now donated 5 large knee braces and 5 XL knee braces which Gary says “will mean so much for our patients. The knee braces will be such an enormous help!”The long shot certainly paid off and EzyFit are very pleased they could assist those suffering knee pain in circumstances where they really need the help.


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