December 17

Keeping A Routine In Winter


As the seasons change, so do our daily routines. Just as trees drop their leaves to turn inward and conserve energy, we can let go of activities for which we no longer have energy—whether mental or physical—to rest and recover during the winter.

Especially with the lack of daily light, willpower can feel like an old friend. But routines don’t need to be boring or lengthy. Here are some tips on how to keep a productive daily routine that will keep you focused on your goals even when the year is coming to an end.


With the sun setting much earlier in the evening and rising much later in the morning, catching enough zzz’s isn’t the worst thing in the world. However, spending too much time in bed can greatly affect your productivity. Be honest with yourself on how many hours per night you need.

With the recommended eight hours, and the sun setting sooner, you can use the change in seasons to work for you. If you’ve never been an early riser, now is your chance. With an earlier bedtime causes an earlier rise!

No phone for the first hour of waking

It is easy to jump straight on social media and catch up on what you missed overnight. But the best thing about the internet is that it’s never going anywhere.

By spending the first hour of rising either reading a book, journaling or moving your body, you are eliminating the possibility of falling down a Facebook wormhole for hours.

Making conscious decisions

We all know the foods we love and the foods we hate. But have you ever considered how those foods make you and your body feel after eating them? Food is fuel, and if you’re not fuelling your body with the nutrition it requires your immune system is at risk.

With the colder months it can be easy to catch the lurgy, which is why fuelling your body with clean, vitamin rich foods is so essential to staying on top of your game all winter long.

Take a deep breath

The year is nearly over. You’ve done so well this year! Take a moment to relive your best memories of the year.

What did you enjoy?

What are you grateful for?

How can next year be even better?

Have time for fun!

WHOOP! It’s nearly the holiday season. Summer was great but the new year is better!

This is the time of year to sit back and relax a little. 

Keep those goals in mind and be proud of what you’ve achieved this year!


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