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How To Treat Knee Pain At Home


We all have knees. It is the largest joint in our body, and sometimes it can really hurt. Our knees are needed for pretty much any form of movement – such as running, cycling or swimming.

But what happens when you have knee pain? And how can you help it?

Knee Injuries

Our knees can be injured in many different ways such as, sprains, strains and tears.

Most common knee injuries occur in sport athletes, however you don’t need to be an athlete to have knee pain.


A common overuse knee injury, where the repeated stress on your patella tendon causes tiny tears. Usually your body can heal those tears, but with constant stress on the tendon those tears can multiply faster than your body can heal them.


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It can affect anyone at any time in their lives, however it is more common in people over the age of 50, or people that aren’t frequently active.

Here’s how you can manage knee pain


Rest your knee when you can. It is recommended to stand, walk or flex your knee every hour for around 1 minute, to keep blood flow through your joint.

Yoga is a great way to actively rest your body including your mind. 


Exercise may have been what caused the injury in the first place, however it’s also a blessing in disguise. By walking, cycling, or swimming can reduce future recurrences.

Just make sure you take it slow and steady.

Invest in a quality knee brace

The EzyFit knee brace is designed to be comfortable, flexible and easy to use. Made with flexible neoprene that moulds with your knee, double stitched edges to avoid scratching your skin and made to be fully adjustable to fit properly.

The EzyFit knee brace can also be used to hold heat packs in place, giving you additional heat therapy and blood flow.

Stay away from using Ice

Icing sore joints can give you brief pain relief, however this will ultimately slow down the healing process.

If you have inflammation, drink plenty of water, stretch frequently and consult your doctor. 

However heat can help with blood flow, increasing healing time and improving flexibility.

How to prevent recurring knee pain:

  • Warm up before exercise.
  • Use a knee brace.
  • Introduce fish oil supplements to your diet.
  • Replace old running shoes.
  • Strengthen your hip flexors and quads.


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