May 2

Sweat Dripping Everywhere

A belt that is secure that doesn't move around!



I workout 6 days a week and I wear waist trimmer belt during my workout to help shed fat from my abdominal area. The problem that I have had in the past is that I have to constantly pull them down or twist them around during my workout which is annoying. In addition, I have had the Velcro break away from the belt and I have had to throw them away. This waist slimmer belt is incredibly durable!

Not only does it fit great, I no longer have to worry about it moving around during my workout and sweat dripping everywhere because this belt doesn’t do that! I also apply sweet sweat when wearing this belt, and it is very easy to wipe the residue of the sweet sweat right off of the belt.

I loved this belt so much that I ordered 2 additional belts so that I can rotate them during the week. I rinse them off while I am in the shower and I hang them to dry. No issues at all with this belt and I have been using it now for a month. I would highly recommend this one.


DKDon April 26, 2016


adjustable, comfortable, exercise, ezyfit, gym, happy, lose weight, non slip, run, running, sweat, trimmer, waist, workout

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