May 24

Bed rest not best for back pain recovery


Laying around in bed may not be the best treatment for back pain.

It’s estimated that 80% of the population have back pain at some stage in their lives, with many taking to their beds lying as still as possible until the pain goes away.

However, a recent Norwegian back pain study, indicates that remaining active might be a better way to get upright again.

The findings suggested that exercise increases blood flow to the spine, delivering virtual nutrients to the ‘intervertebral disks’ or sponges as well as reducing swelling and inflammation.

The research concluded that when it comes to recovering from back strain or pain, after a couple of days bed rest, it is important you begin to get active as soon as possible.

Trouble is, when you are in pain, moving about is the last thing you want to do.

A new product that was developed for trimming and toning the waist may be the answer to help people with back pain get up and moving faster.

The neoprene, nylon and polyester waist trimmer belt, which stretches around most waists to encourage sweating while exercising, is wrapped tightly around the stomach, providing a surprisingly strong back support.

Amy from Maryland injured her back and has seven damaged discs, the worst ones being L3-5 in her lower back and had developed a bad habit of slouching but wearing a waist trimmer belt made her stand and sit up straighter. “It gives me great posture’ she said.

Barbara in Augusta who cares for her disabled brother often strains her back when lifting him, “I’m a keen gardener, animal lover, hard worker and mother so my back takes a beating” she said, “I bought a waist trimmer to loose weight but found it really helped support my back and reduce the strain”.

People who rarely get any exercise and are overweight are most vulnerable to back pain, especially if they spend prolonged hours sitting and hunching at a computer.

Mother of three Carla Hoffman from Oklahoma who writes blogs said “I slouch all the time and it made me sit up straighter, getting rid of my back and neck pain almost immediately”.

Unlike wearing a stiff corset style back support, people are turning to the more comfortable waist trimmer style belt which they find they can wear for longer.

Ingrid from Portland Oregon, has a number of health issues, chose a waist trimmer belt because she had heard that they were good some for back issues, “the neoprene type belt is much lighter and more comfortable, not really a corset but just the right amount of support” she said.

Much as it might feel best to crawl into bed when you do strain your back, wearing a waist trimmer may be a better way to get back to work.

Proud homeowner Whitney, from Oklahoma City, bought a waist trimmer to loose 30 pounds and wore it daily only to discover the added support helped her with the hosuework, “I’m constantly bending over to clean, sweep and mop the wooden floors which really took a toll on my back, but now I feel much more upright and supported”.

Waist trimming belts are relatively new on Amazon and given the sheer volume of people suffering back pain, they may increase in popularity once word gets around that they have a secondary, and perhaps more important benefit for backs.

About EzyFit

EzyFit waist trimmers were developed to be longer and wider with quality material to increase the support and comfort to the wearer and are available on Amazon.


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